About Me

About Sia Mohajer

Hey everyone. I’m Sia Mohajer. I’ve been an educator, entrepreneur, teacher, martial artist and regular human for the last 30 years.  This website is my life’s work. For the last last fifteen years I have researched one core topic – learning. From a Masters of Educ Psych., my own businesses and countless interviews with athletes, entrepreneurs, writers, successful parents and teachers I have striven to ask one question:

How can I improve each and every day

As I travel through this landscape, encountering a multitude of different teachers and learners, I often come across one simple fact – the best of the best engage in simple habits, mindsets and routines that make them more successful than the average person. I have applied these principles in my own life and business with great results.

We tend to look at complicated situations or inspiring figures and become seduced by the complexity. We feel small and insignificant in the face of greatness. This is what I’m here to help you with. Simple research-based ideas, not specious self-help nonsense. Better living, business and health starts with making daily adjustments to your thinking.

I will provide you with these ideas through my research.  With a strong background in academic psychology, I am one of the few people who enjoys reading  research data.  My articles and books provide research-based results presented in a simple manner.  I hope to not only share the wonderful world of research-based education; but also connect with people everywhere.

Everyday you are given an opportunity to make your life better. Before the action, comes the idea. Great things start with simple ideas.


Think big.