About Sia Mohajer

Kings Landing! 👑

Hello my fellow humans 👋,

Thanks for looking me up. This is my generic about page where I try to subtly discuss my achievements without seeming arrogant.

Here we go..

Born in Iran during the midst of the Iran/Iraq war. Things got bad and we bounced around from country to country as war refugees, finally being granted refugee status by Canada. Oh Canada 🇨🇦🎵🎵

Grew up in Eastern Ontario, went to school in beautiful Northern Ontario. Spent a good part of my teens and early 20s outdoors and playing sports.

University hobbies including not studying for exams and playing 3-5 hours of video games a day (competitive StarCraft 2 if you’d like to know 👾, challenges welcome) .

After graduation I moved to Taiwan where I studied Chinese full time and eventually got a job working for a private school in Taipei City. (Interesting fact, the Ben Thompson and I worked at the same school together)

Using Taiwan as a base I traveled to nearly every country in Asia. Lots of great friendships, people and experiences.

Eventually wanting a bit more, I ventured into the self publishing world. After writing 4 fairly unsuccessful books about cognitive biases and logical fallacies, I realized I wasn’t going to make any money talking about rational thinking.

So I decided to take the next most rational step… and sell things online.

Fast forward two years later, I had quit my job and built a small 5 person remote agency while was later semi-acquired.

Since that time my previous love for gaming has led me down a pretty interesting and challenging path to become a high level SEO Wizard. 🧙‍♂️

Starting off as a small bootstrapped portfolio company we’ve grown tremendously over the years with over 10 businesses under our loving care.

We’ve also scaled one of the premier PR agencies working with large enterprise clients in the security and software space.

4 exits, about 30 failed business ideas and a lot of happy clients.. it’s pretty surprising how much you can build when you love what you do!

Oh… and I’ve also made and lost fortunes trading crypto and angel investing. Ouch!

It’s been a hell of a ride.

Entrepreneurship has allowed me to meet some of my best friends, learn more about myself and the world than I ever thought possible and help lots of creators and meaningful causes along the way. 🤟

Some Things I’m Looking to Doing In The Future

  • Helping the next generation of startups and entrepreneurs 💪
  • Bring grateful every day for the gift of being alive 💝
  • Hopefully inspire 1-2 people to make mistakes, learn from them and achieve mental and financial freedom
  • Eventually build a business where I can help more people from the Middle East make it to Canada/US and start businesses 🌱
  • Upload my consciousness to a computer so I can live forever 🤖

Thanks for stopping by.

Some Books I Wrote ✍️

My books are short, sweet and full of research. Spanning about 100-150 pages at most – they contain a plethora of research, supporting statistics and actionable content. I wrote these mostly for fun and to learn the topics a lot better.

I definitely recommend writing/publishing your own book if you have the time, nothing will give you the insights into how your brain works than writing.

The Little Book of Stupidity: How We Lie to Ourselves and Don’t Believe Others

The Little Book of Stupidity: How We Lie to Ourselves and Don’t Believe Others

Are stupidity and sanity related? The truth may surprise you.

We are all masters of self-delusion. Every day we make decisions that aren’t based on logic, but rather stories. Stories that we tell ourselves about who we are, what we want and why we want it. Take a journey through the statistics, experiments and psychology of stupidity to reveal one important fact – self-delusions are part of being human.

You will emerge from this journey – wiser, more compassionate and with a better understanding of yourself.

The Little Book of Persuasion: Defend Yourself by Becoming a Skilled Persuader

The Little Book of Persuasion: Defend Yourself by Becoming a Skilled Persuader

Everyday we engage in psychological battle to persuade others or be persuaded by them. The history of persuasion dates back to the Ancient Greeks who valued rhetoric as an essential skill. Times have changed and rhetoric has lost its place as a fundamental skill of reasoning and logic. This leaves us open and unarmed against skilled persuaders.

Persuasion is more than just tactics and methods of social compliance. Understanding how we are persuaded opens the doorway to a deeper understanding of our automatic brain processes and biases. Expert persuaders tap into these processes and use them against us for their own benefit.

This book is a journey into these techniques. You will emerge from it smarter, more persuasive and better equipped to defend yourself.

I’m Right – You’re Wrong: How to Think Clearer, Argue Better and Stop Lying to Yourself

I’m Right – You’re Wrong: How to Think Clearer, Argue Better and Stop Lying to Yourself

From childhood we are taught to be right. We are taught to win – to beat others. Regardless of what we experience, we cling to this need. The result is a lifetime of self-deception, bad communication and damaged relationships. The unconscious need to defend ourselves manifests itself through faulty reasoning, bad arguments and terrible decisions. Drawing on extensive research, statistics and examples, I explore how we distort our arguments to maintain our world view. You will emerge from this journey with better communication skills, better reasoning and finally be able to stop lying to yourself.