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My posts aim to do one thing – explain or discuss an issue from a perspective that you aren’t used to hearing.

I have opted for simple black and white text for simplicity. In a world of noise and distraction, we become seduced by complexity and forget that amazing, empowering ideas start small.


Redefining Blockchain Development and What That Means

On the surface, it might seem that the time has never been worse for a company to try and make its mark in the technology field. Thanks to the way Internet 2.0 has played out, mammoth companies like Google and Facebook control the data and control the world. If your mind has not yet been boggled today, ponder this: Google and Facebook alone account for almost
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The Natural Evolution of the Blockchain via Forking

As the first to advance the theory that natural selection in nature resulted in the continuation of a species through survival of the fittest, Charles Darwin would likely have been a fan of forking as an evolutionary mechanism for blockchains. And much like natural selection in the natural world, forking allows for simultaneous experiments, choosing which results we like, and causing this wondrous technology known as
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Introducing the New Global Blockchain Infrastructure

What we do right now, in the early stages of the blockchain revolution, will have a lot to do with what this new technology looks like to future generations. Though the initial design of such a system was set in motion when Bitcoin inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, released a nine-page white paper that summoned an incentive-based blockchain structure into existence, how that decentralized system will incorporate changes
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Game Changer #2: The Protocol Token

You can’t throw a squirrel online without it landing on an article about blockchain technology. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a pretty big deal in both the financial and tech sectors these days and might eventually change the internet landscape in significant ways. The thing to keep in mind is that, though the blockchain is usually referred to as some monolithic system, it is actually constructed
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Introducing FAT Protocols and the Inverse Value Stack

With computer and IT engineers around the world debating whether or not the blockchain represents the first serious challenge to the present underlying technological foundation of the internet, there is a more interesting game afoot here. We’re talking about the relative value between protocols and applications. As it has worked out the first time around, the protocols (SMTP, HTTP, TCP/IP) that provided the internet’s technological foundation
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The 3 Book Rule to Become An Expert

I remember the first time I heard a white person speak Chinese. It was amazing.  I thought to myself, how was this 45 year old man speaking so fluently. It was a weird mixture of awe, admiration and jealousy. The man was my coworker and had been living in Taiwan for quite some time. He could communicate with any of my coworkers
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The Simple Math of Success

You all already know the “secret” to success. But you love searching for it. The funny thing about it is, the most obvious answers are always right in front of us. We see it, yet still want something newer, more exciting or exclusive. Barring exceptions like freak athletes, born-geniuses and other rare specimens of human excellence, most of us are given a fairly average set of
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Why Your New Habits Fail and How to Fix Them

What is a better predictor of overall life success – intelligence or willpower? If we aren’t talking about taking math tests than willpower wins ten times out of ten. While someone might be hyper intelligent, they might not necessarily have the willpower to develop successful habits. It’s those people with the willpower to continue regardless of what they encounter that change the face of science, history
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9 Ways To Be More Original And Live a Better Life

“The hallmark of originality is rejecting the default and exploring whether a better option exists.” Adam Grant
We often equate originality with being the first to do something, having a unique talent or ability that no one else possesses and most importantly, not copying others. The first two are realistic but the third is seriously flawed. Everything we do is a manifestation of something we have experienced,
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Vujà De not Déjà vu – The Art of Seeing With New Eyes

Déjà vu, French for “already seen”, is that gut feeling you get when you experience something that you’ve already experienced.  Some people think of déjà vu as an indication of precognition– the ability to see into the future, but research shows that it’s just the distinct impression of an expression being recalled. If you think about it, it’s quite amazing that we don’t experience more déjà
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A Legend in Our Own Minds

“I clearly remember being able to breathe underwater as a child.”

This is the inscription written on one of the photographs displayed in AR Hopwood’s gallery entitled – The False Memory Archive. The intimate, beautiful archive takes the reader on an eerie journey through autobiographical memory. The exhibit contains sculptures, photos, text and film to show how pliable the nature of memory truly is.
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The Universe Wants You to Be Lazy: Meet the Laziest Man in the World

I was wasting some time on Reddit when I came across this wonderful story. It was labelled – world’s laziest man.
“I was once on a US military ship, having breakfast in the wardroom (officers lounge) when the Operations Officer (OPS) walks in. This guy was the definition of NOT a morning person; he’s basically a zombie with a bagel. My back is to the outboard side
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The Worst Decision is Indecision: A Lesson from Buridan’s Ass

The 14th century philosopher Jean Buridan is not best known for his contributions to philosophy or science, instead he is best known for a hypothetical situation elegantly referred to as “Buridan's Ass”. In an attempt to satirize another philosophical text, Buridan made the hypothetical analogy of an ass, the ass, equally thirsty and hungry, was placed precisely midway
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The NY Times Best Selling Author Who Never Reads: Why Action Always Beats Thought

Gary Vaynerchuk is the epitome of the hard working immigrant-turned-rich story. Son of a liquor store owner from Belarus, Gary quickly learned the in-and-outs of running a business. From an early age he filled all roles, from delivery boy to advertising manager, he worked relentlessly. His persistence paid off; in several years he had built his father's small business into a multi-million dollar beast.
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The Football Legend Who Didn’t Like Football

Meet Curtis Martin. The American football legend who amassed the fourth highest total rushing yards in NFL history. In 2012, Curtis was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame after 10 years of professional football for both the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. Clearly, Curtis was a man who loved the game and embraced the grind. [click to continue reading]