“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R. Martin (creator of the Game of Thrones series)

Books are my conduit into others lives. My mother gave me a copy of Khalil Gibran’s epic masterpeice “The Prophet” when I was sixteen and so began my love affair with reading.  Since than I have not stopped. Books have allowed me to hear a thousand stories, look at the world a thousand different ways and appreciate my life in ways I had never imagined.

Below is a list of books I have read. Some which I have just read and others which I have loved.

Please note – this list is heavily based on business/personal development/psychology books. 

Books I Love:

  1. The War of Art – Steven Pressfield
  2. Millionaire Fastlane (sounds cheesy, but it’s great)
  3. Influence – Cialidini
  4. Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon
  5. The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin
  6. Waking Up – Sam Harris
  7. A Rational Optimist Matt Ridley
  8. The Social Animal – David Brooks

Books I Have Read:

Since September 2015

  1. The Ascend of Money – Niall Ferguson
  2. The Compound Effect – Dan Hardy
  3. Morning Miracle – Hal Elrod
  4. Steve Jobs Biography – Walter Isaacson
  5. Die Empty – Todd Henry
  6. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Riya
  7. The Four Pillars of Investing
  8. A Brief History of Everything – Bill Bryson
  9. Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley
  10. The Triple Package – Amy Chua
  11. A Briefer History of Time – Stephen Hawkings
  12. Social Intelligence – Daniel Golemen
  13. Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
  14. Increasing your Financial IQ – Robert Kiyosaki
  15. People are Weird – Seth Godin
  16. History of Gold
  17. All Marketers are Liars – Seth Godin
  18. A History of Philosophy – Betrand Russel 
  19. The Second Machine Age – Andrew McAfee
  20. Phi – Giulio Tonon
  21. Street Smarts – Jim Rogers
  22. Cash Flow Quandrant – Kiwoski
  23. Four Pillars of Investing – Bernstein
  24. Retire Young, Grow Rich – Kiwoski
  25. Adventure Capitalist – Jim Rogers
  26. A Random Walk Down Wall Street- Burton Maikel
  27. A Rational Optimist Matt Ridley
  28. Learn and Earth – Peter Lynch
  29. Warren Buffet Stock Portfolio – Warren Buffet
  30. Weekend Millionaire Guide to Real Estate Investment
  31. Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham
  32. Rise and Fall of Economies
  33. Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahenman




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